Lactation Consultant

UPDATE: we had a great turnout for Sarah’s week in the office! Unfortunately, it highlighted the fact that we don’t really have room in our current facility for so many concurrent visits, so sadly we won’t be able to continue. Our next office will be bigger!

We are super excited to be hosting highly experienced lactation consultant Sarah Tyack RN, BSW, IBCLC, next week, to see patients in office, billable to insurance.

Sarah has over 25 years lactation consulting experience working as a Registered Nurse in women’s health care, pediatrics, and as a practicing Lactation Consultant in hospitals and clinics in the Seattle area, and more recently, in Oakland, CA. She has significant experience with feeding challenges at all levels of complexity, as well as the general turbulence of postpartum life, including postpartum mood disorders and crisis intervention. She is a Registered Nurse (RN) licensed in both California and Washington State, holds a bachelor’s degree in social work, and is an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Sarah is excited to be able to offer office-based lactation visits in Seattle one week each month. “Even though my practice is now in the Bay Area, I still get frequent calls from people in Seattle wanting to schedule an appointment with me. Dr. Kass and I have a long history together, of providing great care to new moms and babies and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work part-time with him in Seattle.”

Sarah’s office visits are billable to insurance under Dr Kass, so any plan he is contracted with should cover office visits with Sarah.

Both parent and baby (or babies) are scheduled for the initial visit. For follow ups, generally either parent or baby is scheduled. Please select Lactation consultant, new patient, parent, for your first appointment with Sarah, even if you are already a patient of the practice. Then message us with the name and date of birth of the baby or babies who will be seen alongside the parent.

Schedule online to see Sarah during her week in Seattle!

My clients want to be the best parents they can be. I can help you feel confident enough to feed your baby in the way you choose.
— Sarah Tyack, RN, BSW, IBCLC
Elias Kass