Pre-Newborn Consult Visits Available

Parents have questions about vaccines and newborn procedures, and providers don’t always have the time to sit down and talk it all through. If you have questions about vaccines (including those recommended during pregnancy, like Tdap and flu), vitamin K, eye ointment, hearing screening, heart screening, metabolic screening, etc, you’re welcome to come for a pre-newborn consultation appointment. This is a 30-minute appointment billed under either the baby or the parent (if baby is not yet born) where we can talk through all your questions.

Schedule online and feel free to include questions in the scheduling app, text us questions in advance of the appointment (206-203-2509), or bring your questions written down.

This was great — nobody else has explained everything so clearly. We want to be thoughtful about our decisions and I feel like now we have the information to do that.
— MG, dad of 3-week-old
Elias Kass