Flu vaccine update!

Welcome to the first flu season of Dr Kass’s new practice!

We have flu vaccine in stock for 6 months through 19 years! We will have adult flu season later in the season, but it’s not available for us to purchase yet.

Timing: the AAP recommends receiving flu vaccine by the end of October. If your child has a well-child visit before then, they can get the vaccine at their visit, otherwise you can schedule a vaccine-only appointment with the medical assistant. Babies and kids 8 years and younger should receive two doses four weeks apart if they haven’t already received two doses in the past.

Flu vaccine is one of the important tools we have for reducing risk of infection, and reducing severity if we do become sick. If our location isn’t convenient, consider other community resources:

To reduce the risk of transmission of disease in the office, we’ve gone toy-free – please bring toys for your kiddo to play with during their visit.

Speaking of scheduling, we have an awesome new scheduling tool on our website – and you don’t have to log in to the portal! (If you love the portal, you can keep using it, of course.) https://www.dreliaskass.com/schedule-appt/

If you need to get in touch, you have more portal-avoiding options now! You can text us at 206-203-2509. Texting is not secure, so if you want a secure solution, you can download the Spruce app. With the app you can also send attachments, like school forms! All the contact options are linked here: https://www.dreliaskass.com/contact/

Remember if you have an appointment coming up and haven’t seen us lately, we’re at a new location in Lake City. Check out this link for location and parking information (free off-street lot!) -- https://www.dreliaskass.com/location/


Elias Kass