As of July 30, 2018, Dr Kass is located in the new office in Lake City.

3316 NE 125th St Suite 2

Seattle WA 98125

Parking is free, in a lot behind the building. To access the lot, go through the 'tunnel' (under the overhang) immediately after the construction site (if you're coming from the west), or immediately after the dry cleaner (if you're coming from the east). See photos below!

The building is called the Victoria W Professional Building. The lot access is narrow and easy to miss, but there's no other entrance to the lot.

The building is accessed from the back lot. 


The clinic is served by routes 64, 65, 75 (stops are within a block) and 330 (0.1 miles) on NE 125th St. Along Lake City Way there are stops served by 41, 309, 312, 372, 522 (roughly 0.2 miles). Ground is roughly level with mixed quality sidewalks and curb cuts.