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New and existing patients can contact us to schedule, or schedule live through this scheduling widget!

NOTICE: if your child has a fever AND rash and/or you think your child might have measles, please call or message before scheduling.

Please use your child’s legal/chart name when scheduling below. This module matches the entered name and date of birth with the existing chart, and if it doesn’t find a match, creates a new patient.

Appointment types

Infant Feeding:

Infant feeding evaluation (tongue/lip tie, frenotomy) – evaluation of suspected tongue and/or lip tie, or evaluation of feeding difficulties. This is a 60-minute visit to both evaluate and treat (release the tongue/lip ties). Please be on the lookout for a text message and/or email asking you to register and fill out forms ahead of the appointment. Please check the infant feeding webpage for information about insurance. If your baby is younger than 2 weeks old and you cannot find a spot within a week, please schedule an appointment and then message us and we'll figure out how to move up the appointment and get them seen sooner.

Milk supply – help with low milk supply, primarily counseling about medication. This is a parent-side visit only and does not include evaluation of baby, so if you have concerns about baby’s latch, or tongue or lip tie, please schedule an infant feeding evaluation instead.

Induce lactation – for people who are not pregnant but want to induce lactation

Infant feeding follow-up (in person) – follow up for babies who received a frenotomy procedure

Infant feeding follow-up (telemedicine/video) – follow up for babies who received a frenotomy procedure but live too far away to return to the clinic

Primary care, new patient:

New well baby/well child – routine preventive care for a new patient. If you are transferring care, please request records be sent ahead of the appointment.

Establish care or second opinion, not a well baby/child visit – for a family desiring a second opinion or naturopathic perspective, or to establish care when child is not due for a well child visit, or if they are sick.

Meet and greet for new prospective parents (baby not yet born) – expecting to welcome a baby and looking for a doctor? Come ask your questions and see if this practice is a good fit! This is a brief visit just to get to know each other.

Newborn consultation — Do you have questions about pregnancy vaccines, vaccines your baby can receive, newborn procedures like vitamin K, or deciding about circumcision? Longer than a meet and greet, this visit is billed under baby’s insurance, or a parent’s insurance if baby is not yet born.


Primary care, returning patient:

Urgent or same-day visit – we reserve several same-day slots for sick kids – if there isn’t a slot available via “new problem” or “quick problem” try this option or call or message the clinic. We can almost always squeeze kids in!

New problem (abdominal pain, breathing problems, behavior problems) – 30-minute appointment to evaluate a bigger problem that might need labs, imaging or referrals.

Quick problem (ear infection, UTI, remove stitches) – 15-minute appointment for relatively quick/easy problems. Please arrive early to collect a urine sample if needed.

Well baby/well child – routine preventive care, including vaccines if due

Vaccine only (with medical assistant) – vaccine-only visit with the medical assistant. If you would prefer the doctor give the vaccines, or having questions about the vaccines or what’s due, please schedule a “quick problem” visit instead.